Sarah Zettel: Lady of Isavalta & Camelot


A Sorcerer's Treason
, 2002

The Usurper's Crown
, 2002

The Firebird's Vengeance
, 2003

Sword of the Deceiver
, 2008
copyright Romas (Kukalis)


In Camelot's Shadow
, 2004
AKA Camelot's Shadow

For Camelot's Honor
, 2005
AKA Camelot's Honour

Under Camelot's Banner
, 2006
AKA Camelot's Sword

Camelot's Blood
, 2007
Never released in the US, but was intended to be By Camelot's Blood
I believe the UK artist is Larry Rostant US covers by Cliff Nielsen.

, 1996

Fool's War (1997)

Playing God (1998)

The Quiet Invasion
, 2000

Kingdom of Cages
, 2001
  • Winner: Locus Award for Best First Novel
  • Nominated: Phillip K. Dick Award for best US original paperback
  • Nominated for 1998 Locus Award for Best SF Novel of 1997
  • New York Tomes recommended book for 1997
  • Short Listed for 1999 James Tiptree Jr Memorial Award
    Images copyright Donato
    Image copyright Steve Youll
    Image copyright Steve Youll(I'd've guessed Bob Eggleton!)
    Image copyright Michael Whelan

    "Cracks In the Pavement"
    Tomorrow #6 OCT 1993
    "Driven by Moonlight"
    Analog DEC 1991
    rated top 5 of year in Analog Reader's Poll
    "Excerpts From the Discussion of the Controlled Vibration Theory of Communication of the Un-Kin" (with Laura Woody)
    Analog Jan 1994
    "The Fiddler's Price"
    The Tome #7 1991
    "Fools' Errand"
    Analog MAY 1993
    A Woman’s Liberation: A Choice of Futures By & About Women, 2001
    "For Tax Purposes"
    Analog, AUG 1994
    "GrandDaddy Jenkins Plays the Bones"
    The Horror Show SUM 1988
    "The Redemption of Silky Bill"
    Realms of Fantasy #1 OCT 1994
    "The Temptation of Harringay"
    Galaxy JAN/FEB 1995
    "The Terminal Lucy"
    The Tome #5 1990
    "Under Pressure"
    Analog APR 1996
    "When the Hurlyburlys Come"
    Beyond #18 1990
    Nominated for 1997 Locus Award for Best Short Story of 1996
    "A Young SwordsWoman's Garden Primer
    Did You Say Chicks?!, 1998
    "Kinds of Strangers"
    Analog OCT 1999
    Year’s Best SF 5, 2000
    The Hard SF Renaissance 2002
    "Means of Survival"
    APR 1999
    "Miss Underwood & the Mermaid"
    Chicks 'N Chained Males, 1999
    Altair #3, 1999
    Imaginings, 2003

    Nuclear Fiction March/April, 1991
    Bardic Runes #3
    Starsong #13
    Beyond #10
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