• Callahan
  • Stardance (with Jeanne Robinson)
  • Deathkiller
  • Telempath (1976)
  • Night of Power (1985)
  • Tales from the Planet Earth: A Novel with Nineteen Authors (1986) (with Lino Aldani, Brian Aldiss, Karl-Michael Armer, Jon Bing, Andre Carneiro, A Bertram Chandler, Ljuben Dilov, Tong Enzheng, Carlos Maria Federici, Harry Harrison, Sam J Lundwall, Joseph Nesvadba, Frederik Pohl, Tetsu Yano, Ye Yonglie and Janusz A Zajdel)
  • The Free Lunch (2001)
  • Very Bad Deaths (2004)
  • Antinomy (1980)(coll)
  • Melancholy Elephants (1984)(coll)
  • True Minds (1990)(coll)
  • User Friendly (1998)(coll)
  • By Any Other Name (2001)(coll)
  • God Is an Iron: And Other Stories (2002)(coll)
  • Best of All Possible Worlds (1980)(edited)
  • Kill the Editor (1991)(edited)
  • The Crazy Years: Reflections of a Science Fiction Original (2004)(NF)
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