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"The Adapter"
The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction #486, Dec 1991
AlexLit e-book
The Ardath Mayhar Collection
The Ardath Mayhar Sampler E-book
"The Affair of the Midnight Midget"
The Misadventures of Sherlock Holmes1989
Pirate Writings, 1997
"The Alligator's Tale"
Slewfoot Sally & the Flying Mule, 1995
"Andy's Long Night"
Junior Trails, 1973
"The Anthologist"
The Blood Review, July, 1990
AlexLit e-book E-book
The Crystal Skull
The Ardath Mayhar Collection
Mean Little Old Lady At Work
Things Come Out at Night
Pandora #25, 1990
The Crystal Skull
Mean Little Old Lady At Work
Things Come Out at Night
"Aunt Dolly"
Dark at Heart, 1992
100 Menacing Little Murder Stories, 1998
"The Backfire"
Slewfoot Sally & the Flying Mule, 1995
"Bare Bones, Bare Bones"
Weirdbook #30, Spring 1997
The Crystal Skull
"Battle Plan Number One"
Slewfoot Sally & the Flying Mule, 1995
"Beneath the Snowy Owls"
"A Black Dog in the Snow"
Slewfoot Sally & the Flying Mule, 1995
"Blue-Fired Cow-Killing Crazies"
Western Digest, 1996
"Cage of the Heart"
Pirate Writings #7
, Summer 1995
"Castle of Shadows", With Joe Lansdale
Weirdbook, Autumn 1985
"The Cat With the Sapphire Eyes"
Weirdbook #8, 1973
"The Children Beneath the Stones"
Eldritch Tales #27, 1992
AlexLit e-book
The Crystal Skull
"A Cold Way Home"
The New Frontier, 1989
Weirdbook #30, Feb 1997
The Crystal Skull
"Coon Hunt, With Distractions"
Weirdbook, Autumn 1990
The Crystal Skull
"Cow in the Canefield"
Slewfoot Sally & the Flying Mule, 1995
Psychological Perspectives, Fall 1971
Stories To Be Told With the Lights On, 1973
"The Creek, It Done Riz"
Cold Blood, 1991
100 Menacing Little Murder Stories, 1998
AlexLit e-book
"The Crystal Skull"
Eldritch Tales #25 1991
The Crystal Skull
"A Damn Bad Day For Daddy"
New Blood Magazine, Fall 1989
AlexLit e-book @ Fictionwise
"The Dig"
BorderLand v1#3, 1985
The Crystal Skull
"Digging Up Arthur
Mystery Scene Reader, 1987
The Crystal Skull
"Down in the Bottomlands
East Texas Outdoorsman, Feb 1989
The Crystal Skull
"Down In the Dark
Horror Show v5#3, 1987
The Crystal Skull
"The Dreamwalker
Dark Regions, 1992
"The Dullshooter"
Slewfoot Sally & the Flying Mule, 1995
"The Eagle-Claw Rattle"
Mummy: A Chrestomathy of Cryptology, 1980
Necropolis of Horror: 50 American Horror Stories, 1986
Tales of the Dead, 1986
A Treasury of American Horror, 1988
"Echo of Thunder"
Kadath, 1981
The Crystal Skull
"The Eight Who Hated"
The Crystal Skull
"The Elephant Headed for the Swamp"
Slewfoot Sally & the Flying Mule, 1995
"The End of War"
Pulpsmith, 1981
AlexLit e-book
"Esmene's Eyes"
Magic In Ithkar 1 1985
"An Extra Dimension"
Bloodrake #2, March 1982
"The Eye Is Upon You"
Infinitum #2, 1986
"The Face In the Fog"
Hardboiled #29/30, Sept 2003
"The Face In the Glass"
Weirdbook #19, Spr 1984
The Crystal Skull
"February Thaw"
Slewfoot Sally & the Flying Mule, 1995
"Fido Is a Loving Beast"
Sorcerer's Apprentice, 1984
"First You Have a Plan"
Slewfoot Sally & the Flying Mule, 1995
"Flights of Blue Balloons"
Mississippi Arts and Letters, Summer, 1984
NewsArt, Summer 1981
The Crystal Skull
"Foray Into Sundown"
Slewfoot Sally & the Flying Mule, 1995
"The Forging of Fear"
Dragon Magazine #98, 1985
The Art of Dragon Magazine 1988
"From the Diary of Hermione"
CatFantastic, 1989
"From What Alien Womb"
Midnight Zoo v1#5, 1991

Redshift: Extreme Visions of Speculative Fiction, 2001
"Fungus Grows in the Dark"
Hardboiled #17, Feb 1994
"Ghost Larry"
Slewfoot Sally & the Flying Mule, 1995
"A Gift of Light"
Pandora #28, Winter 1992
[German anth]
"The Gift"
Speculative Fiction and Beyond, on-line mag. 6-17-1996
The Crystal Skull
"A Gift of Light"
Pandora #28, Winter 1992
"Going Home"
Cricket Magazine, Fall 1991
Taking a Stand, 1993
Bloodrake, #5, Summer 1983
"Golden Girl"
New Pathways #14, May 1989
AlexLit e-book @
"Grab It and Run"
Space & Time, 1981
"A Great Big Bowl of Rice"
Slewfoot Sally & the Flying Mule, 1995
"Grimm's Way"
Nocturnal Classics #2, 1993
The Crystal Skull
Dragonfields, Winter 1983
"Gryphon's Nest"
Dragon Magazine, Jul 1992
"Hallimore's Dog"
Dead of Night #12, Spring 1995
The Crystal Skull
"A Harping of Waters"
Dark Regions v1#4, 1991
"The Heart of the Grove"
In Celebration of Lammas Night, 1996
"Heavy, Heavy Hangs Over Your Head"
Real, 1992
"The Hen-House Disaster"
Slewfoot Sally & the Flying Mule, 1995
"Hermione as Spy"
Catfantastic III, 1993

"Hermione At Moon House"
Catfantastic II, 1990
"The Hole"
Bare Bones #3, 2002

"Homeward Trail"
Northward Journal, Summer 1987
AlexLit e-book
"Hunting Truce"
Fiction #6, 1974
AlexLit e-book @
"The Immortal Part"
Black October Magazine b1#1 May, 1996
The Crystal Skull
Midnight Zoo v3#5 1993
"In the Green Sand"
Mystique, Tales of Wonder, 1988
The Crystal Skull
"In the Mists of Gellorn"
Amazing Stories v65#3, Sept 1990
The Crystal Skull
AlexLit e-book @ Fictionwise
"In the Tank"
Masques II, 1987
Dark Masques, 2001
"The Inflated Flea"
Slewfoot Sally & the Flying Mule, 1995
Hardboiled #27/28, Dec 2001
"Journey Into Autumn"
Kadath, 1985
"The Key to Ramali"
Dragon #89, Summer 1984
"(Kirieth) Going Home"
Cricket, Fall, 1991
Taking A Stand, 1993
"Kingdom Come Cemetery"
Slewfoot Sally & the Flying Mule, 1995
"Knit Lady"
Mike Shayne's Mystery Magazine v48 #1, Aug 1984
"The Last Camp Meeting in Cotton County"
Slewfoot Sally & the Flying Mule, 1995
"The Left Eye of God"
Salarius v1#4, 1987
"Like Mother Used to Make"
Horizons West, August, 1990
The Crystal Skull
AlexLit e-book
"The Little Finger on the Left Hand"
Weird Tales #297, Summer 1990
100 Twisted Little Tales of Torment, 1998
Fantastyka, 1992
The Crystal Skull
"Lonesome Canefield Blues"
New Mystery v1#1, Jul/Aug 1991
The Crystal Skull
Bloodrake #7 1984
"A Meeting of Minds
Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, June 1982
"Midsummer Doldrums"
Slewfoot Sally & the Flying Mule, 1995
"Milton Peake & Nephew"
Slewfoot Sally & the Flying Mule, 1995
"Moccasin Hole"
Slewfoot Sally & the Flying Mule, 1995
"Molly Milked the Goat"
Slewfoot Sally & the Flying Mule, 1995
"The Moon-Eyed Night
The Horror Show, Summer 1985
"More Ways to Skin a Cat"
Slewfoot Sally & the Flying Mule, 1995
"A Most Genteel Pursuit
Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine v41 #2, Feb 1995
Matilda Ziegler's Magazine For the Blind, 1995
"The Mug
Hardboiled #22, Dec 1996
"A Nasty Sort of Thing"
Slewfoot Sally & the Flying Mule, 1995
"Needles and Pins"
Dark Regions v1#4, 1991
The Crystal Skull
"Neither Rest Nor Refuge"
Tales of the Witch World, 1987
"Never Look Back"
Western Digest, 1996
"The Next Generation"
Fantastic Collectibles, July 1993
"The Nicholas Caper"
Frohe's Fest
Pirate Writings #15, 1997
The Crystal Skull
"Night Fugue, with Fog"
Pulpsmith #4, 1986
"A Night In Possum Holler"
After Midnight, 1986
100 Fiendish Little Frightmares, 1996
The Crystal Skull
"Night of the Cougar"
Best of the West, 1986
finalist: SPUR Award of Western Writers of America: short fiction
"Night Song"
Midnight Zoo, 1993
"No Olive Branch"
Espionage Magazine v1 #7, April 1986
"Nor Disregard the Humblest Voice"
Shadows 9, 1987
"Oregon Gothic"
Gothic #1, 1980
"The Orphan"
Augury #1, 1983
The Crystal Skull
"A Painterly Effect"
Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine #33, Autumn 1995
"The Panther Stalks", With Joe Lansdale
Weirdbook #26, Autumn 1991
For a Few Stories More, 2002
"The Pistoleer" -- as Frank Cannon
PEN Syndicate Fiction Project, 1990
"Play It By Ear"
Mystery Forum #10, 6-24-94
Weirdbook #25, Autumn 1990
"The Possum-Cats"
Slewfoot Sally & the Flying Mule, 1995
"Powder River Hideout"
Western Digest, 1997
"The Power That Preserves"
New Pathways #16, Jul 1990
"The Pushover"
Fantasy Tales #14, Summer 1985
"The Rabbit"
Slewfoot Sally & the Flying Mule, 1995
"Ratings War"
Espionage Magazine v2 #6, Apr 1987
"The Reaping"
Swords Against Darkness 4, 1979
"Rear Guard"
Midnight Zoo, 1992
"Royal Flush"
Literary Fragments for "Art of Murder" anth. Sept, 1997
"A Sculpted Smile"
Fantasy Book v2#3, August 1983
"Second Sunrise"
Figment #9, Spring 1992
"The Secret Among the Stones"
Within Reach: 10 Storie, 1993
D.C. Heath Anthology for Middle School
Silver Burdett reading series Literature works (1994)
Literatura Abermundos, Spanish, 1997
"Shimmer of Blackness"
Dark Regions #4, Spring 1991
The Crystal Skull
"A Shot in the Dark"
Slewfoot Sally & the Flying Mule, 1995
"Slewfoot Sally and the Flying Mule"
Country Stores of East Texas, 1991
Slewfoot Sally & the Flying Mule, 1995
"The Silver Unicorn"
SPWAO SHowcase, 1983
"The Snow-White Pony"
The Unicorn Treasury, 1988
"Solo Performance"
Bloodrake #8, March 1982
"A Song To Free the Spirit"
SciFant, 1988
"Speaking Wolf"
Pulpsmith, Spring 1981
Pulpsmith, Winter 1987
"Spring is a Kind of Madness"
Slewfoot Sally & the Flying Mule, 1995
Argonaut #9, Fall 1983
Thrillers, 1993
"Stalking Woman"
New Frontiers, vol 1, 1989
"Stiff Sentence"
Hardboiled #32, Nov 2004
"The Stranger"
Conquest, May 1973
"Summer and Solomon"
Slewfoot Sally & the Flying Mule, 1995
"Task of the Green Bone"
Pulpsmith, Summer 1982
"A Taste of Old Delights"
Dark Fantasy, 1979
2AM #14, Winter 1989
"That Thing In There"
Eldritch Tales #13, 1987
"Things Come Out At Night"
Night Voyages #9, 1983
The Crystal Skull
"Through the Dark Mirror"
2AM v3#1, Fall 1988
"Through the Padded Door"
Night Voyages #10, 1984
"Thurigon Agonistes"
Weirdbook #17, 1983
Barbarians, 1985
"To Capture Leviathan"
Slewfoot Sally & the Flying Mule, 1995
"To Trap a Demon"
Magic in Ithkar #4, 1987
Razored Saddles, 1989
The Crystal Skull
Spectrum Stories, 1985
"The Tuck At the Foot of the Bed"
Twilight Zone Magazine, March 1983
The Crystal Skull
"The Very Early Hermione"
CatFantastic V, 1989
"The Very Oldest Things"
Miss. Arts and Letters, Jan 1985

"The Very Strange War"
Trailblazer, Feb. 22, 1973
"Vine-Covered Cottage"
Eldritch Tales #16, 1988
"The Visitors"
Dark Ages, 5-20-93
"The Wallow"
NOIR, 1994
"Waning Moon at Morning"
Western Tales Magazine, Summer 1995
Crafty Cat Crimes: 100 Tiny Cat Tale Mysteries, 2000
"The Weapon"
Excalibur, 1995
"The Web"
Dark Regions & Horror, Winter-Spring 2000
"Welcome to the Anglos"
Don Webb anthology, Spanish language, 1994
"The Well That Whispered Darkness"
The Horror Show, Fall 1984
The Best of the Horror Show, 1987
The Definitive Best of the Horror Show, 1992
The Crystal Skull
"White Face" With Joe Lansdale
For a Few Stories More, 2002
"Who Accuses This Woman?"
Owlflight, 1981
"Who Courts a Reluctant Maiden"
Amazons II, 1982
Publishers Mora, Budapest, Hungary, 1989
"Winter Stalk"
Thrillers, 1993
"The Wings of Liriathel"
Threshold of Fantasy #2, 1979
"Yale's Wedding"
Slewfoot Sally & the Flying Mule, 1995
Eldritch Tales #2, 1981
The Crystal Skull
"You Can't Fool a Wife"
Espionage Magazine v1#1, Dec 1984
"You Can't Go Home Again"
The Horror Show v6#4, Winter 1988
The Crystal Skull
"The Youngers"
Slewfoot Sally & the Flying Mule, 1995
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The Analog We, Thrust, Spring, 1989 An Experiment in Reintroduction, Fantasy Review, Feb., 1985 Issue # 76
Atmosphere, Imagery, and Figures of Speech, Canadian Author, Summer, 1994, pp 17,18,30 Believable Action, Quantum, #40, Fall 1991
Build An Alien, Starlog # 117, April, 1987, pp. 34-35 Build a Culture, STARWIND, 1994
"Creating Fantasy Folk"
How to Write Tales of Horror, Fantasy & Science Fiction, 1982
CRITIQUE GROUPS: Be a Productive Member, Freelance Writers' Report, P. TX-3
FROM METAPHYSICS TO MARS, THRUST, 1990 How to Spot Young Writers, NEA Newspaper, March, 1984, p. 12
How (and Why) to Dress and Prepare Texas Armadillo, Acc. 10-13-95 for SERVE IT FORTH, a cook book by sf authors ed. Ann McCaffrey, John Betancourt (The Wildside Press) How Not To Starve As a Writer, Final Draft, acc. 3-88
Landmarks on the Road to Fantasy, Fantasy Review, Jan., 1986, p. 39 Let Us Have Stories In Verse Again, Fantasy Review, Feb., 1984 P. 7
Other Writers' Dreams, Empire, Summer, 1983, pp. 20-21 Setting the Stage, Writer's Digest Forum, Summer, 1990, pp. 1-2
Ten Hard-Won Lessons, W.D. Forum, Vol 25, #1, Pp. 8-9 Terra Incognita, Fantasy Review # 71, Sept. 1984, pp. 18-19
A Touch of Extinction, Rising Star, 1983 Through the Unblurred Lens, Orion, May-June, 1972. pp/ 67=69
"What Horrid People!"
The Horror Show v4#2, Spring 1986
Where Has All the Nonsense Gone? THRUST, Winter 1988, # 29
The Why of It, Empire # 34, 1985 Wrong Gun, Wrong Year, Roundup, Sept.-Oct. 1994, Page 22
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Fantasy Review Thrust
Science Fiction Review
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BUFFALO MEDICINE, By Don Coldsmith, Bantam Paperback edition, 1988 To PALE STAR, By Don Coldsmith, Bantam Paperback ed., 1989
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"Abstract in Earth Tones"
Swordsman Review, circa 1970-71
"Advice to the Defeated"
Journey to an Ending, 1965
"Ailing Moon Haiku"
Haiku Highlights, Nov 1967
"And We Are Still Evolving"
Journey to an Ending, 1965
"The Answer"
Haiku Highlights, Feb 1968
won best short poem award
"As Winter Birch"
Western Poetry, April 1977
"Being In Transit"
Ellipsis, 1990
"Blind Hands, Mowing"
Jean's Journal, 1959
"Blood Mead"
Fantasy Book v5#3, Sept 1986
"Boy With a Thorn in His Foot"
Voices International, 1970
"Bronze Head of a Woman"
Major Poets, 1976
"Butterfly Haiku"
Haiku Highlights, 1968
Journey to an Ending, 1965
Prairie Poets
"Caged Bird"
Oregonian Verse (The Portlend Oregonian), 1968
"Carilion (Songs of Youth)"
Young America Sings, 1946
A National Anthology, Poetry Society of America
Journey to an Ending, 1965
CATCHING GRAMPA, acc. Re Arts & Letters (REAL), Fall, 1990 ed. CHILD IN THE NIGHT, Oregonian Verse, 1971
THE CIRCLE IN THE WOOD, acc. REAL (SFA Univ) 6-1993 long narrative
CIRCUIT, took third place, Cyclotron Award, Poetry Soc. of Tex., 1965 THE CLEANSING OF SELENATH, acc. 7-17-93 Midnight Zoo
COIL, cinquain, won cinquain award, Southwest Writer's Conference, 1959; Pub. Fireflower, Feb., 1968 A COLD AND SLANTING RAIN, The Lyric, Winter, 1989
COMMUNICATION TO AN ASTROPHYSICIST, Driftwood, 1971, won Ione Mertes Award. COMPUTER, First Place, Pineywoods Writer's Conference, Nacogdoches, TX, 1965, Publ Imprints Quarterly, 1967
CONCERTO BY MOZART, Quintessence, 1964
"Conjure Woman"
Eldritch Tales #21, 1989
CONTACT, Anerican Bard, 1970
Journey to an Ending, 1965
CORRIDA OF THE BLOOD, Oregonian Verse, circa 1976
COUNTERCLAIM, Literary Calendar (no author's copy, no date available) CREEK-BED COUNTRY, The Lyric, Summer, 1990
DANCER, Bitterroot, Summer, 1972 DANDELION, Poet's Corner, Long Island Kernel, 1967
DESCRIPTION, Epos, Winter, 1963;
Journey to an Ending, 1965
"Deus Ex Machina"
Journey to an Ending, 1965
D'HIVER, Poetry, London-New York; Reprinted American Bard, no date
DISPLACED PERSON, Oregonian Verse, 1973 DOMINION, sonnet, won The Youth Prize, Texas Poetry Society, 1951, published in 1952 TPS Yearbook
DOWN IN THE CORN, Young Pub. Anth. 1976 DRAGONFLY, American Poet, 1968
DREAM CAR, Young Publ. Anth., 1976 DRUNKEN OLD WOMAN, South and West, Spring, 1968
THE EARTH SPOKE, Texas Quarterly, 1976 EAST TEXAS JUNE, 1939, Texas Quarterly, Acc/ Nov. 1989 for future use.
ENCOUNTER IN AFTERGLOW, Quintessence, 1964
Journey to an Ending, 1965
ENDING OF A SONG, CycloFlame, 1973
ESCAPE OF JOCK HOLMAN, Horizons West, acc. 11-27-89 long narrative EXPRESS TO SOMEWHERE, Fine Arts Discovery, 1972
FENRIS AT THE DOOR, Haiku Highlights, Jan., 1971 FEVER DREAM, Driftwood, 1971
FINAL PLANETFALL, long narrative, Fantasy Review, Feb. 1985 FIRE OF THE NIGHT, Poetry, London-New York;reprinted American Bard, 1965
FIVE GULLS FLYING, American Bard, 1969 THE FOREST WAITS, Writer's Journal, Summer, 1993, Vol 14 #3, Page 48
"Forget These Earthen Walls"
Journey to an Ending, 1965
FORGOTTEN CYNTHIA, The, long narrative, FROM WINTER CORNFIELD, Jean's Journal, 1973
FUGUE, sonnet, The Lyric, 1988; reprint 1989-90 Anthology of Magazine Verse
Journey to an Ending, 1965
GENIUS, Cardinal Poetry Quarterly, circa 1968 GILLAM OF CWMFFAN, Long narrative, CycloFlame 1985
GREEK RACEHORSE, Oregonian Verse, 1969 GRUE, 1985
"Gwynfaer Who Sang the Stars"
Midnight Zoo , 7-17-93
AlexLit e-book
THE HALF-CASTE DOWN THE WOODS ROAD, Hyacinths and Biscuits, 1971-72 THE HARVESTERS, Fireflower, Nov. 1967
THE HAUNTED ATTICS, United Poets Magazine, circa 1955 HAVEN, Caravan, 1959
HEAD OF MARCUS AURELIUS, Mark Twain Journal, 1968
Journey to an Ending, 1965
Journey to an Ending, 1965
THE HUNTERS, Poetry Today, 1976, publication of Major Poets Publications I AM A PLANET, sonnet, Pied Piper Press Anthology, 1972
I AM THE SILVER MIST, Kaleidograph, circa 1953 I AM A WEARY WARRIOR, The Archer
"I Have Made My Bones Secure"
Masques I, 1984
I, LIKE FIRE, Cyclotron, Summer, 1965
ICE STORM, The Archer, Winter, 1973 IMMORTAL VINE, Poet's Corner, Long Island Kernel, 1967
"In A Stilled Instant"
Journey to an Ending, 1965
INTO THE SHADOWED LANDS, Cyclotron, no copy, no date available I SHOULD HAVE WRITTEN TO JOHN MASEFIELD, American Poetry Association Anthology, Fall, 1982
JOURNEY WITHIN, Flame, circa 1963; J. to E.
Journey to an Ending, 1965
Journey to an Ending, 1965
THE KEY TO COMPREHENSION, Star*Line (Mar/Apr 1989)
KITE-FLYING DAY, The Lyric, Summer, 1989, won award of $40 as best poem in issue. P. 80
"A Kind of Death, With Wings"
Fantasy Book v4#2 Jun 1985
Journey to an Ending, 1965
"Last Days"
Journey to an Ending, 1965
LAST NIGHT WE TALKED, The Archer, circa 1977 LAY OUT MY BONES, Epos, no date
LET US BREAK MOLDS, Flame, 1960; J to E.
Journey to an Ending, 1965
MACROCOSM, Quoin, 1974 MASK, Poetry Dial, 1966
MASQUERADE, Green World, 1965 MEDITATION UPON MESAS, Encore, 1975
MOMENT OF CHANGE, Scimitar and Song, 1964 MOON TANKA, Fireflower, June, 1968
THE MURDERESS, Haiku Highlights, 1971 MY GRANDMOTHER PLANTED LILACS, Hyacinths and Biscuits, 1971
NESTING PLACE, New York Poetry Forum Bird Prize, not pub. NEW-MADE GHOST, Hyacinths and biscuits, 1972
NIGHT HORSES, The Symbolist, 1972 NIGHT OF THE COMET Acc. 7-17-93 Midnight Zoo
NOW I HAVE SEEN A SWALLOW, Driftwood East, 1975 NOW SING OF SWALLOW, Creativity Newsletter, 1973
NUN, EXAMINING A PARTY DRESS, CycloFlame, 1968-69 OBLIVION, sonnet, Scimitar and Song, 1951
OCEAN HAIKU, Haiku West, 1967 THE OLD GRAY-MOUNTED GODS, sonnet, Midland Poetry Review, also MPR Midsummer Annual, circa 1952-53
ONDINEE, acc. STARSONG, for June or Nov. 1990 issue
"Our Lady of the Frost"
Pandora #21, Fall-Winter 1988
OUT OF THE BURNING DAYS, Driftwood East, 1975,p. 39
OUT OF THE NORTH, sonnet, Midland Poetry Review, c. 1953 OUT OF THE TURNING EARTH, Spectrum (Univ. of Mass), p. 9, no date.
PALEOLITHIC HORSE, Oregonian Verse, 1970 PARENTS OF TWO, Yearbook of Modern Poetry, young Publications, 1971
PAS DE QUATRE, Green World, 1965 PASSIONATE NOCTURNE, Quicksilver, circa 1954
PERFECTION UNDER GLASS, Columbia Press (newspaper), Sept. 24, 1970 PIER OVER WATER, Quoin, Jan., 1974
Journey to an Ending, 1965
"Point of Departure"
Journey to an Ending, 1965
A POINT OF LIGHT, CycloFlame, 1976 POTTER'S ENIGMA, Hon. mention, Writer's Digest 1967 Poetry Context, pub. CycloFlame, March, 1974
RAVEL, THIRD SYMPHONY, Imprints Quarterly, Autumn, 1970
Journey to an Ending, 1965
RECOMPENSE, Flame Annual, June, 1965
REFLECTION, International Who's Who in Poetry, 1972 anthology; Acc. for Vol XVII, East Texas Poets, due Fall, 1992 REQUIEM, Young Pub. Anth. 1876
REQUIEM FOR THE LIVING, New York Poetry Forum Anthology Peopled Parables, 1975 RITE OF FIRE, Fireflower, June, 1968
"Samhain, Full Moon"
Masques I, 1984
Dark Masques, 2001
won Balrog Award 1984
SAVAGE IN SUN-SHADOW, Hyacinths and Biscuits, 1971
SHADOW, American Bard, 1964 SHAPER OF WORDS, Major Poets, 1976
"Shenneret and the Sisters of Terror"
Deathrealm #16, Spring 1992
SISTERS OF TERROR, acc DEATHREALM for # 16 or 17 long narrative; acc 7-17-93 (reprint rts) Midnight Zoo
THE SILVER CATTLE OF THE SEAS, Kaleidograph, circa 1955 SIR GILES CAME TO THE FOREST OF DESPAIR, Pulpsmith, Spring, 1985 long narrative
SONG FROM THE HILLS, sonnet, YOUNG AMERICA SINGS, 1945 anthology of Texas High School Poetry, National High School Poetry Ass'n, Los Angeles SPHERE, Scimitar and Song, circa 1964
SPHINX, Flame, 1962
Journey to an Ending, 1965
STAR OF THE YELLOW-FUR PEOPLE, long narrative, acc. Beyond, 1990
"Still from Sinai"
Journey to an Ending, 1965
STRANGE NOCTURNE, Sonnet Sequences, circa 1954 TEMPLE OF DEATH, sonnet, Arizona Quarterly, 1950
Journey to an Ending, 1965
TENANTS IN THE ROCK, acc. BorderLand, 1986 long narrative TEN SPEED TRAP, Encore, 1975
TERMAGANT'S TONGUE, CycloFlame, Spring, 1971 THAT SUBTLE BROOD, Oregonian Verse, 1966
THERE CAME A YEAR, Oregonian Verse, 1976 THERE IS AN ANCIENT FEAR, sonnet, Kaleidograph, circa 1952
THERE IS NO DEEPER VIOLENCE THAN STONE, Arizona Quarterly, 1957 won best poem of year for 1957 THIS SUNSLANT, First place, 1958 Byliners Poetry Forum, Corpus Christi, TX; Pub. Imprints Quarterly, 1968
THREE FATES, WORKING, Acc. The Lyric, Fall, 1988 THUS, Midland Poetry Review, circa 1954
TIGER IN THE SKULL, Cardinal Poetry Quarterly, Feb-Mar., 1972(?) TIME AND A COLD RAIN, American Bard, 1970
TO A DARK ORATOR, Prairie Poet, 1968 TORNADIC WIND, sonnet, won Sonnet Award, Southwest Writer's Conference, 1952, published S. W. Conf. Anthology,
THIS FRIENDLY SHORE, 1957 TRAP, Oregonian Verse, 1968
TOWARD BROTHERHOOD OF MAN, sonnet, SERMONS IN POETRY, 1946 anthology of Inspirational Poems, Poetry Society of America TRUTH FROM THE SEED, Christian Living, 1967
TUMULUS, Portland Oregonian, Oregonian Verse, May, 1971 2
"Under our Shattered Emblems"
Journey to an Ending, 1965
UNIFIED FIELD, Voices, 1961
Journey to an Ending, 1965
UPON THE VERTICES, Epos, 1957, Epos Anthology, 1958
Journey to an Ending, 1965
VARIATION, New Moon, Circa 1953
VIEW FROM THE DIVIDE, Voices International, 1973 VISION THROUGH A GLASS, Yearbook of Modern Poetry, Young Pub., 1971
THE WAITING, Kaleidograph, circa 1953, won Cinquain Award
"The Warning Stone"
Haunts #20 Fall/Winter 1990
Midnight Zoo
"Web-Woman's Song"
Midnight Zoo v3#11, 1993
WEB OF AUTUMN, The Lyric, Fall, 1988, won Margaret Carpenter Award for year, $50. P. 59. reprint 1989-90 Anthology of Magazine Verse WE HOLD THIS LAND,The American Bard, 1959
WHEN I WAS TWENTY-FIVE, Ortegon State Poetry Ass'n Bulletin, 1974 WILD PLUM'S BLOOMING, Fireflower, May, 1968
THE WINDS WILL CHANGE, DeepSouth Writers and Artists Annual, 1976-77 WINTER NOCTURNE, sonnet, ANTHOLOGY OF MODERN AMERICAN VERSE, 1949, 20th Century Press
WITH THE BRIGHT BUBBLES, sonnet, Epos, Winter, 1967, Epos Anthology, 1958
Journey to an Ending, 1965
THE YOUNG ADEPTS, Best in Poetry, 1969 
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