Ardath Mayhar

Ardath published many novels, short stories and poems since 1945 through her death Feb 1, 2012.
To see her complete bibliography, select from below and you'll see what I mean.


Ardath taught through the Writer's Digest school and did book doctoring mostly during her years with Joe at the View From Orbit Bookstore through the Mail and later Email. One of the more successful collaborations she did as teacher/mentor was with the late David Feintuch.

In the years before I left Nacogdoches, I worked at the bookstore with Joe & Ardath. In the summer right after I left, Joe lost his long battle with cancer. Shortly after that Ardath was in an auto accident. We spoke on the phone regularly about 3-4 times per year... Last time I spoke with her, she'd moved from Chireno into the "old family place" in Nacogdoches to be closer to her family. Yesterday I got an email that she'd had a stroke and was failing rapidly; this morning I'm told she died today. She Will Be Missed.