Megan Lindholm

Also Known As Robin Hobb

Reindeer People

The Reindeer People
, 1988

Wolf's Brother
, 1988
Cover Images (2nd one may be wrong cover) copyright the Late Susan Seddon Boulet
Newer editions exist with covers by John Howe

The Saga of the Reindeer People
, omnibus


Harpy's Flight
, 1982

The Windsingers
, 1984

The Limbreth Gate
, 1984

Luck of the Wheels
, 1989
image by John Howe
image by Paul Gregory
image by Paul Gregory
image by Paul Gregory
Another cover exists by Richard Hescox

Windsingers, omnibus edition

Stand-Alone novels as by Megan Lindholm

The Wizard of the Pigeons
, 1986

Cloven Hooves
, 1991

Alien Earth
, 1992

The Gypsy
, 1992
with Steven Brust
image by Paul Gregory
image by Mark Salawowski or Oscar Chichoni
image by Sam Rakeland

As By Robin Hobb

Farseer Trilogy

Assassin's Apprentice
, 1995

Royal Assassin
, 1996

Assassin's Quest
, 1997

Liveship Traders

Ship of Magic
, 1998

The Mad Ship (1999)

Ship of Destiny
, 2000

Tawny Man

Fool's Errand (2001)

The Golden Fool (2002)

Fool's Fate
, 2003

Soldier Son

Shaman's Crossing (2005)

Forest Mage
, 2006

Renegade's Magic
, 2007

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