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OK, guys... here it is... to email me see my edress at the bottom, but remember much of this is from the original faq from 1993 by Hopkins with some updates and additions by me to bring it up to date, but I'm sure I missed some. Special thanks to Stu Weaver for a couple of nit-picks on the page... that's what I need! So thank him if you feel like it. Also, special thanks to Luke Croll for the pics found at his FAQ site and to Stu Weaver and John Ford for their sites.

Some of it IS out of date, so if you can add to it or make any corrections / changes, please let me know.

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    written as Dean R. Koontz

    Star Quest
    1968, Ace
    ACE DOUBLE: Doom of the Green Planet by Emil Petaja

    Fear That Man
    1969, ACE
    fix-up of short stories: "Where the Beast Runs" and "In the Shield"
    ACE DOUBLE With Toyman by E.C. Tubb

    The Fall of the Dream Machine
    1969, ACE
    ACE DOUBLE: The Star Ventures by Kenneth Bulmer

    1970, Paperback Library
    This is an expanded version of the short story "The Mystery of His Flesh"

    1970, Lancer
    based on the short story "Beastchild" from August 1970
    Finalist for Hugo in short novel category

    Bounce Girl

    w/Gerda Koontz
  • 1970, Cameo Press
  • 1973 as Aphrodisiac Girl, Oval Press
    Dean & Gerda both disavow this book due to extreme editing and un-auuthorized re-work/addition of material.
    Reprint of Bounce Girl

  • Dark of the Woods
    1970, ACE
    ACE DOUBLE: with Soft Come the Dragons

    Soft Come the Dragons
    1970, ACE
    ACE DOUBLE: with Dark of the Woods

    Collection of short stories
    • To Behold the Sun
    • A Darkness in My Soul
    • Dragon in the Land
    • The Psychedelic Children
    • A Season for Freedom
    • Soft Come the Dragons
    • A Third Hand
    • The Twelfth Bed

    The Dark Symphony
    1970, Lancer

    The Haunted Earth
    1970, Lancer

    Hell's Gate
    1970, Lancer

    The Crimson Witch
    1971, Curtis Books

    A Darkness in My Soul
    1972, DAW
    One of the *very* first books released by Don Wollheim at his new DAW books

    The Flesh in the Furnace
    1972, Bantam

    1972, Lancer

    1972, Lancer

    Time Thieves
    1972, ACE
    May have been published as Leigh Nichols in UK.

    Hanging On
    1973, M Evans
    A comdey set during WWII

    Demon Seed
    1973, Bantam
    Original title was House of Night
    Italian copy released in Jan 1978
    title means Proteus Generation

    Demon Seed: the movie
    1977 MGM,
    Starring Julie Christie & Fritz Weaver

    A Werewolf Among Us
    1973, Ballantine

    After the Last Race
    1974, Fawcett Crest/Atheneum

    Nightmare Journey
    1975, Berkeley
    Italian Cover
    title means: The Mutant's Path

    Night Chills
    Night Chills was the first unmistakable novel of the cross-genre and the first to be published in almost every country in the world.

    1976, Atheneum

    The Vision
    1977, G.P. Putnam's Sons

    1980, G.P. Putnam's Sons

    Whispers the movie
    1989, ITC films
    Starring Victoria Tennant

    1983, Putnam

    Phantoms the movie
    1998, Dimension Films
    Starring: Ben Affleck, Peter O'Toole, Rose McGowan and Liev Schreiber

    1984, Berkeley
    Released in UK as Darkness Comes

    Twilight Eyes
    1985, Alfred A. Knopf

    Originally by K.R. Dwyer in 1973

    1986, G.P. Putnam's Sons.

    1987, G.P. Putnam Sons

    Watchers the movie
    1988, Carolco Pictures
    Starring Corey Haim & Michael Ironside,

    Watchers II the movie
    1990, Concorde
    Starring Marc Singer & Tracy Scoggins

    Watchers III the movie
    1994, Iguana Productions
    Starring Wings Hauser

    Watchers Reborn
    1998, Concorde
    Starring Mark Hamill & Lou Rawls

    1988, Putnam

    1988, Warner Books
    Illustrations by Phil Parks

    The Mask
    Originally by Owen West in 1981

    1989, G.P. Putnam's Sons

    The Bad Place
    1990, Putnam

    The Servants of Twilight
    Originally by Leigh Nichols in 1984

    Movie: The Servants of Twilight
    Starring Bruce Greenwood and Grace Zabriskie

    Cold Fire
    1991, G.P. Putman's Sons

    The Voice of the Night
    Originally by Brian Coffey in 1980

    1992, Putnam

    Hideaway the movie
    1995, TriStar Pictures
    starring:Jeff Goldblum, Christine Lahti, Alicia Silverstone, Jeremy Sisto, & Rae Dawn Chong

    The House of Thunder
    Originally by Leigh Nichols in 1982

    Dragon Tears
    1993, Putnam

    Mr Murder

    Movie: Mr. Murder
    Starring Stephen Baldwin and James Coburn

    Originally by Leigh Nichols in 1987

    Dark Rivers of the Heart

    Winter Moon
    1994, total revision of Invasion by Aaron Wolfe

    The Funhouse
    Originally by Owen West in 1980

    The Funhouse
    1981, Umvd, Directed by Tobe Hooper

    The Door to December
    Orignally by Leigh Nichols/Richard Paige in 1985

    Strange Highways
    includes reworking of Chase

    Originally Prison of Ice by David Axton in 1976

    The Key to Midnight
    Originally by Leigh Nichols in 1979


    The Face of Fear
    Originally published by Brian Coffey in 1977

    Santa's Twin

    The Eyes of Darkness
    Originally by Leigh Nichols in 1981

    Sole Survivor

    Tick Tock

    Demon Seed
    1973, Bantam
    revamped & released in 1997

    Fear Nothing
    1998, Bantam

    Seize the Night
    1998, Bantam

    False Memory
    1999, Bantam

    From the Corner of His Eye
    2000, Bantam

    The Book of Counted Sorrows
    2001 EBook

    One Door Away From Heaven

    The Paper Doorway: Funny Verse and Nothing Worse

    By The Light of the Moon

    The Face
    Jun 2003, Bantam Double Dell Pub

    Every Day's a Holiday
    Sept 2003, Harper-Collins

    Odd Thomas
    Dec 2003, Bantam-Dell

    The Taking
    May 2004, Bantam

    Robot Santa
    Sept 2004, HarperCollins

    Life is Good as Trixie Koontz, dog
    Oct 2004, Yorkville Press

    Life Expectancy
    Dec 2004, Bantam-Dell

    Christmas is Good as Trixie Koontz, dog
    Oct 2005, Yorkville Press

    Frankenstein I: Prodigal Son
    with Kevin J. Anderson
    Jan 2005, Bantam

    May 2005, Bantam

    Frankenstein II: City of Night
    with Ed Gorman
    July 2005, Bantam

    Forever Odd
    Nov 2005, Bantam

    The Husband

    Brother Odd

    written as Leonard Chris

    written as Anthony North

    written as John Hill


    Strike Deep

    The Long Sleep

    written as Aaron Wolfe

    written as David Axton

    written as Richard Paige


    Prison of Ice

    The Door to December
    re-vamped and re-leased as Winter Moon as by Dean Koontz 1994
    re-released as IceBound, 1995
    also credited to Leigh Nichols
    re-released under own name 1994

    written as Deanna Dwyer

    (the following are Gothic Romance novels and Dean seems rather ashamed of them, therefore don't hold your breath waiting for a rerelease while he's alive or in any way in control.

    Demon Child
    (two printings)

    Legacy of Terror


    Children of the Storm


    The Dark of Summer


    Dance With the Devil


    written as K.R. Dwyer for Random House


    included in an updated format in Strange Highways


    rereleased under his own name in 1985


    slated for eventual re-release

    The Face of Fear
    Only relased as K.R. Dwyer overseas
    rereleased under his own name

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    written as Brian Coffey at Bobbs-Merrill / Doubleday

    (following three are a trilogy about a thief named Mike Tucker, and are slated for eventual possible rerelease)

    The Face of Fear
    rereleased under his own name

    The Voice of the Night
    rereleased under his own name (1980)

    Blood Risk
    , 1973

    , 1974

    The Wall of Masks
    , 1975
    he also wrote an episode of CHiPs under this name

    written as Leigh Nichols

    The Key to Midnight

    re-released under own name 1995

    The Eyes of Darkness

    re-released under own name 1997

    The House of Thunder

    re-released under own name (?)


    re-released as Servants of Twilight 1990

    The Door to December

    also credited to Richard Paige
    re-released under own name 1994


    1987, re-released under own name

    written as the late unlamented Owen West :)

    re-released under own name (1994)
    (a novelization of The Funhouse)

    The Mask
    rereleased under own name


    Writing Popular Fiction
    (a Writer's Digest book)

    with his wife Gerda Koontz:

    How to Write Best Selling Fiction
    (a Writer's Digest book)
    1981 The Pig Society 1970
    Beautiful Death: Art of the Cemetary
    With photos by David Robinson
    1996, Penguin Studio The Underground Lifestyles Handbook 1970

    Short Stories, Articles and Intros

    1966 "Kittens"
  • Readers & Writers, May 1966 (sold for $50)
    Readers & Writers, I believe, was the Atlantic Monthly chapbook for the contest)
  • The Dean Koontz Companion, 1994
  • Strange Highways 1995
  • First Fiction Sale
    (He won the Creative Writing award for fiction from Atlantic Monthly, and it was published in a special chapbook produced for the contest-winners.)
    1967 "Soft Come the Dragons"
  • F&SF mag, August 1967
  • Soft Come the Dragons, 1970
  • The Liberated Future: Voyages into Tomorrow
  • Dragon Tales, 1982
  • "To Behold the Sun"
  • F&SF mag, December 1967
  • Soft Come the Dragons, 1970
  • 1968 "A Darkness in My Soul"
    led to short novel of same name
  • Fantastic Stories, January 1968
  • Soft Come the Dragons, 1970
  • "Love 2005" Mr., Spring 1968
    "The Psychedelic Children"
  • F&SF mag, July 1968
  • Soft Come the Dragons, 1970
  • "The Twelfth Bed"
  • F&SF mag, August 1968
  • Soft Come the Dragons, 1970
  • Wondermakers 2, 1974
  • "Dreambird"
    Worlds of If, Sept 1968
    1969 "In the Shield"
  • Worlds of If, January 1969
  • along with "Where the Beast Runs", fix-up to Fear That Man
  • "Temple of Sorrow" Amazing Stories, January 1969
    reissued in 1970 as "A Season for Freedom"
    Galaxy, May 1969
  • Soft Come the Dragons, 1970
  • "The Face in His Belly" Perihelion, Spring 1969 (part 1) / Summer 1969 (part 2)
    "Where the Beast Runs"
  • Worlds of If, July 1969
  • along with "In the Shield", fix-up to Fear That Man
  • "Dragon in the Land"
  • Venture, August 1969
  • Soft Come the Dragons, 1970
  • "Muse"
  • F&SF mag, September 1969
  • Themes in Science Fiction: a Journey into Wonder, 1972
  • Isaac Asimov’s Wonderful Worlds of Science Fiction#3: Supermen, 1984
  • 1970 "A Third Hand"
    (This short story led to the novel Starblood. In fact the entire short story is the intro to the novel.)
  • F&SF mag, January 1970
  • Soft Come the Dragons, 1970
  • "The Goodship Lookoutworld" Fantastic Stories, February 1970
    "Unseen Warriors" Worlds of Tomorrow, Winter 1970
    "The Mystery of His Flesh"
    Expanded into the Novel Anti-man
    F&SF mag, July 1970
    expanded to novel Beastchild
    Venture, August 1970
    "The Crimson Witch"
    Published as a Novel in 1972
    Fantastic Stories, October 1970
    "Shambolain" Worlds of If, November/December 1970
    "Nightmare Gang"
  • Infinity 1, 1970
  • The Edge of Never: Classic and Contemporary Tales of the Supernatural, 1973
  • Between Time and Terror, 1995
  • "A Season for Freedom"
    Originally published as "Killer-bot"
  • Soft Come the Dragons, 1970
  • The Future Now, 1977
  • Galaxy mag
  • Strange Highways, 1995
  • "Emanations"
    1971 "Bruno"
  • F&SF mag, April 1971
  • Strange Highways, 1995
  • 1972 "The Terrible Weapon" Trend, Jan/Feb 1972
    "Cosmic Sin" F&SF mag, Feb 1972
    "Altarboy" Infinity 3, 1972
    "A Mouse in the Walls of the Global Village" Again, Dangerous Visions, 1972
    "Ollie's Hands"
  • Infinity 4, 1972
  • The Horror Show, Summer 1987
    with interview, as by Leigh Nichols
  • Strange Highways, 1995
  • 1973 "GrayWorld" Infinity 5, 1973
    "The Sinless Child" Flame Tree Planet: an anthology of religious science fantasy, 1973, 1986
    "Terra Phobia" Androids, time machines, and blue giraffes: a panorama of science fiction, 1973
    "The Undercity"
  • Future City, 1973
  • The City 2000 A.D.: Urban Life Through Science Fiction, 1976
  • Criminal justice through science fiction, 1977
  • Cyber-Killers, 1997
  • The Prentice Hall Anthology of Science Fiction & Fantasy, 2001
  • "Wake up to Thunder" Children of Infinity: Original Science Fiction Stories for Young Reders, 1973
    1974 "The Night of the Storm"
  • Continuum 1, 1974
  • Starstream #2, 1976
  • Illustrated Science Fiction Classics, 1979
  • "We Three"
  • Final Stage: the Ultimate Science Fiction Anthology, 1974
  • Strange Highways, 1995
  • 1986 "Snatcher"
  • Night CryFall 1986
  • The Ultimate Witch, 1993
  • Strange Highways, 1995
  • "Down in the Darkness"
  • The Horror Show, Summer 1986
  • The Architecture of Fear, 1987
  • Strange Highways, 1995
  • "Weird World: Excerpts from the Suppressed Book
  • The Horror Show, Summer 1986
  • "The Black Pumpkin"
    with interview
  • Rod Serling’s The Twilight Zone Magazine, Dec 1986
  • Strange Highways, 1995
  • Ghost Movies II: More Classics of the Supernatural, 1996
  • October Dreams, 2000
  • "The Monitors of Providence" World Fantasy Convention 1986 Program book, 1986
    1987 "The Interrogation"
  • The Horror Show, Summer 1987
    with interview, as by Leigh Nichols
  • Obsessios, 1991
  • The Definitive Best of The Horror Show, 1992
  • "Hardshell"
  • Night Visions 4, 1987
  • Predators, 1994
  • Strange Highways, 1995
  • "Miss Attila the Hun"
  • Night Visions 4, 1987
  • Strange Highways, 1995
  • "Twilight of the Dawn"
  • Night Visions 4, 1987
  • The Complete Masters of Darkness, 1991
  • Masters of Darkness 3, 1991
  • Strange Highways, 1995
  • "The Coming Babylonian Age"
  • Two Views of a Cave Painting by James P. Blaylock, 1987
  • The Dean Koontz Companion, 1994
  • 1988 "Graveyard Highway" Tropical Chills, 1988
    revised and reprinted as "A Genre in Crisis"
    Night Visions 6, 1988
  • The Dean Koontz Companion, 1994
  • 1989 "Trapped"
  • Stalkers, 1989
  • Strange Highways, 1995
  • "Ghost Stories"
    Post Mortem: New Tales of Ghastly Horror, 1989
  • The Dean Koontz Companion, 1994
  • "A Genre in Crisis"
  • Proteus, 1989
  • The Dean Koontz Companion, 1994
  • 1992 Afterword The Prisoners and Other Stories, 1992
    1994 "The 10 Questions Readers Most Often Ask Dean Koontz"
  • The Dean Koontz Companion, 1994
  • 1995 "Strange Highways" Strange Highways, 1995
    1996 Afterword Moonchasers & Other Stories, 1996
    1997 "Great Art and Muppet Hatred"
    Screamplays, 1997
    "The Fox in the Chicken Suit"
    Fiends, 1997
    1998 "Pinkie" USA Weekend, Jun 12-14, 1998
    1999 "Black River"
  • Mystery Scene, 1999
  • Legacies, 2000

  • 2000 "The Scariest Thing I Know" Martha Stewart Holiday-Halloween, 2000

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