Shirley Jackson
Probably most famous for her novel The Haunting of Hill House and her short story The Lottery, Shirley Jackson deserves a place of pride on the wall of fame for the founders of the modern horror novel (and movie).

"The Lottery" was first adapted for TV in 1950 as an episode of Cameo Theatre. In 1957 the novel The Bird's Nest, was adapted for film as the movie Lizzie. The first movie adptation of The Haunting of Hill House came in 1963: The Haunting starring Julie Harris and Russ Tamblyn.

"The Lottery" was adaptad again for short film in 1969 starring a young Ed Begley Jr. Come Along With Me was adapted for TV in 1982.

"The Lottery" was again adapted for film, this time as a TV movie, in 1996 witn Keri Russell (Feliciti), Dan Cortese (former host of MTV Sports), and Stephen Root (News Radio and Office Space).

The best-known (today) adaptaion of The Haunting of Hill House came in 1999 with The Haunting, starring Liam Neeson, Cathering Zeta-Jones, Owen Wilson and Bruce Dern.

Here is a bibliography devoted to her works. Hope you enjoy and find all you're looking for.

The Bird's Nest
, 1954

Life among the Savages
, 1953

Raising Demons
, 1959

The Magic of Shirley Jackson (1966)

The Road through the Wall
, 1948
aka The Other Side of the Street

, 1951

The Witchcraft of Salem Village
, 1956

The Sundial
, 1958

The Haunting of Hill House
, 1959
aka The Haunting

We Have Always Lived in the Castle
, 1962

Famous Sally: A Harlin Quist Book
, 1966

One Ordinary Day, with Peanuts
, 1979

, 1991

The Lottery
, 1949

9 Magic Wishes
, 1963

Come along with Me
, 1968

Masterpieces of Shirley Jackson
, 1996

Just an Ordinary Day
, 1996

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