Margaret Coel Mysteries

NEW SERIES: Catherine McLeod

The Perfect Suspect
, 2011
Wind River Reservation

The Spider's Web
, 2010

The Silent Spirit
, 20009

The Girl With the Braided Hair
, 2007

Killing Raven
, 2003

The Wife of Moon
, 2004

Eye of the Wolf
, 2005

The Drowning Man
, 2006

The Shadow Dancer
, 2001

The Thunder Keeper
, 2001

The Spirit Woman
, 2000

The Lost Bird
, 1999

The Story Teller
, 1998

The Dream Stalker
, 1997

The Ghost Walker
, 1996

The Eagle Catcher
, 1995

The Eagle Catcher 10th anniversary
, 2005

Blood Memory
, 2008

The Sunken Sailor
, 2004
Contributed to as a serial novel

Chief Left Hand: Southern Arapaho
, 2005

Goin' Railroading
, 2005

"A Well Respected Man"
Women Before the Bench, 2001
The World's Finest Mystery and Crime Stories, 2002
"The Man in her Dream"
More Murder They Wrote, 1999
"Murder on the Denver Express"
Crime Through Time III, 2000
"The Man Who Thought He was a Deer"
Wild Crimes, 2004
"The West of Ghosts"
Hot Coffee & Cold Truth: Living and Writing the West, 2006
"Yellow Roses"
A Dozen on Denver

Coyote Peyote by Carole Nelson Douglas
Dance Hall of the Dead by Tony Hillerman
Flesh and Blood by Michael Lister

Ten Commandment Series

ten short stories featuring Vicky Holden and Father John O'Malley based on the ten Arapaho Commandments> Further information available at Margaret Coel: Short Stories

Stolen Smoke

My Last Goodbye

Bad Heart

Day of Rest


Dead End

Hole in the Wall

Nobody's Going to Cry

The Woman Who Climbed to the Sky

Whirlwind Woman
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