Jacqueline (Ann) Carey

Santa Olivia
, 2009

Saints Astray
, 2011

Angels: Celestial Spirits in Art & Legend
, 1997
Cover image courtesy Alan Ayers
cover says photo by Herman Estevez


Naamah's Kiss
, 2009

Naamah's Curse
, 2010

Naamah's Blessing
, 2011
Cover images courtesy Alan Ayers


Imriel 1: Kushiel's Scion

Imriel 2: Kushiel's Justice

Imriel 3: Kushiel's Mercy
Images copyright John Jude Palencar

Kushiel's Legacy

Kushiel's Dart
, 2001

Kushiel's Chosen
, 2002

Kushiel's Avatar
, 2003
German Cover for Kushiel's Dart part 1
German Cover for Kushiel's Dart part 2
German Cover for Kushiel's Dart part 3:
never released
German Cover for Kushiel's Dart (cover translates to "The Sign")
German Cover for Kushiel's Chosen (Cover translates to "The Betrayal")
German Cover for Kushiel's Avatar (cover translates "Salvation")
  • Winner 2002 Locus Award, First Novel
  • Winner 2001 Romantic Times Reviewers' Choice Award, Best Fantasy Novel
  • Winner 2001 Barnes & Noble Top Ten Science Fiction & Fantasy
  • Winner 2001 Amazon.com Editors Top Ten Fantasy
  • nominee 2002 Locus award for best Fantasy novel
  • nominee 2002 Spectrums award for best novel
  • Winner 2002 Borders Top Ten Fantasy
  • nominee for 2003 Locus award for best Novel
  • Winner 2003 Amazon.com Editors Top Ten Fantasy
  • Images copyright John Jude Palencar


    Available sometime in 2009 in German as Der Herr der Dunkelheit, which translates as "Lord of Darkness"


    The Sundering
    Images copyright Donato Giancola


    Lamidi Olonade Fakeye: A Retrospective Exhibition and Autobiography
    an autobiography of Yoruban (Nigerian) sculptor with "guest" essays
    "The Antediluvians" (ss)
    Prisoners of the Night #9 1995
    "The Isle of Women"
    Emerald Magic Great Tales of Irish Fantasy, 2004
    "Jazznight" (ss)
    I-94 A Collection of Southwest Michigan Authors, 1998
    "What Bled Through the Wall"
    Clique of the Tomb-beetle, 1996
    Earth Begotten
    7-page Art-Chapbook
    A PreHistory of the religion of the world of Kushiel
    Text available here
    "In the City"
    Quanta (E)Zine, 1995
    InterText (E)Zine # 26, 1995
    "The Peacock Boy"
    The Open Scroll (E)Zine # 4, 1993
    The Open Scroll (E)Zine #6, 1995
    "Yes, I Got It" (essay)
    The Anthology at the End of the Universe: Leading Science Fiction Authors on Douglas Adams' The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, 2005
    "Delauney" (un-named unwritten story as yet FOR
    Star Crossed Lovers, 2010
    "Heathen Eye for the Christian Guy"
    Revisiting Narnia, 2005
    "You, and you alone"
    Songs of Love & Death
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