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V.C. Andrews
6/6/1923 - 12/19/1986

Any books written after 1986 were either written or completed by her ghostwriter, Andrew Neiderman. Most of those written by Neiderman have been left off OF this bibliography.

The Dollanganger Saga

Flowers in the Attic
, 1979
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Petals on the Wind
, 1980

If There be Thorns
, 1981

Seeds of Yesterday
, 1984

Garden of Shadows
, 1987
completed by ghostwriter, Andrew Neiderman

Audrina Adare


My Sweet Audrina
, 1982

Gods of Green Mountain

Cage of Love

The Little Psychic
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The Casteel Saga

, 1985

Dark Angel
, 1986

Fallen Hearts
, 1988
completed by ghostwriter, Andrew Neiderman

Gates of Paradise
, 1989

Web of Dreams
, 1990
The Complete V.C. Andrews
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